Lead designer for the 2 week sprint, working alongside one developer.

  • Logo
  • Landing page
  • Website design

Ven.ue is a B2B digital new media company and subsidiary of Sony DADC Digital. They required a brand and landing page ahead of their appearance at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. 

Ven.ue deliver content with efficiency and innovation. They wanted their audience to know that Ven.ue is global leader that values efficiency, innovation and partnerships. 

The Ven.ue brandmark is distinct, sophisticated and bold. The typeface is custom made and based on the typeface, Zona Pro. The simplicity and boldness of the interpunct makes it the anchor point throughout the various forms of the brandmark. I designed a stacked version for use in environments where the in-line brandmark would have less impact or would be competing for attention. But the strength and recognition of the brandmark is most evident when used in it's most abstract form – the V and the interpunct by themselves. 

The business cards ooze sophistication - with a blind varnish on the brandmark accentuating the bold yellow interpunct, and combined with a thick, toothy stock.

The rollup banners are simple, engaging and easy to read for passers by at IBC. The high contrast colours of the black and yellow are an effective way to grab attention. 

While the landing page was made public for the duration of IBC, the new website is only accessible to clients of Ven.ue so I unfortunately cannot link through to it.