Love in Leather

Love in Leather is one of the biggest names in the fetish industry. With a long family history of creating leather goods, owner Leanne Hill branched into creating products for the adult industry in early 2000. This project included:

  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Wholesale e-commerce website design
  • Art direction of campaign shoot
  • Email templates
  • Website management and training

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The Project

The company had no online presence when we first met to discuss their plans. Being a wholesaler, this hadn't hurt them too much as they made regular sales trips and expos that brought in a lot of income, but Leanne wanted to expand to online ordering to make life easier for her customers and see more of a steady income as well as the big spikes that the sales trips and expos provided.


  • Limited budget and limited resources.
  • The Love in Leather team knew their customers well, and expressed concerns around the different levels of technical ability. They wanted the site to be sleek and modern, but also didn't want to scare away their less technically savvy customers.
  • The team needed to protecting their wholesale prices while still being able to show their products publicly. A number of customers were also on different levels of pricing, based on the amount of business they had done over the years. So prices needed to adjust depending on who was looking at them. They also wanted people to be able to repeat their last order easily, as it was quite common for customers to do so. Finding the right platform to meet these needs took a lot of research and experimenting between myself and developer, Matt Hamilton (who I could forever sing the praises of - one of the most thorough and pro-active developers I have ever worked with). 
  • It needed to be something their team could easily manage ongoing.


While the back end is a a little old school, Adobe Business Catalyst met all of the requirements we required and was significantly more affordable than using Magento or Shopify (both required an array of extensions to do the same thing that added up quickly).

The website has been very well received since it's launch by their customers, and has delivered what Leanne hoped it would. Their customers are more actively engaged with them online and are ordering more regularly. The team have also started sending regular EDM's and increased their activity on social media.

They've been an industry leader in Australia and New Zealand for some time, but since the launch Love in Leather has also received international recognition and is now being stocked across the United States and Europe.